One Nation, Pulling Apart

Community Economic Toolbox

Credits, Acknowledgments, and Data Sources


The Community Economic Toolbox was developed as a project for communities and individuals by Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier for the website Poverty in America.

The Community Economic Toolbox, Poverty in America website, and Living Wage Estimator were created by West Arete, a company that specializes in academic and research computing. Their computer programming skills and designs made this possible.


This project was made possible by a grant from The Ford Foundation. Penn State provided material support for original version of the Community Economic Toolbox website.

The process and the majority of the text used for this site are taken with permission from Dr. Martin L. Shields's series of papers titled Using Employment Data to Better Understand Your Local Economy. Dr. Shields's project for the Mid-Atlantic states formed the basis for this effort. Without his applications our work would have been far more difficult.

Ms. Sherilee Carpenter provided assistance in all manner of operations for this project. She served as editor, project manager and all-around partner on the project.

Eric Schultheis provided assistance with updating the source data for the community economic toolbox to include 2010 Census and 2004-2011 BLS data.

Tom Bell of Stratamodel, Inc. developed the original databases without which this project could not have been undertaken.

Data Sources

Population, age, education, and labor force data were collected from the United States Census (1980-2000).

Industry employment data were collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Reconstructed NAICS-basis employment data (1990-2011).

In addition, a very large relational database is embedded in a mapping project, CensusMapper, that provides user access to data on any number of subjects from 1970-present. It can be accessed as a stand-alone project by contacting Amy Glasmeier.

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